Final Project

In lieu of a written final exam you may do a final project demonstrating a range of course topics. You may work alone or in groups of up to five students – the larger the group the greater the expectation.


Your project must employ most of the following features:


Project Ideas

If you’re having trouble coming up with project ideas you may use these directly or as inspiration for your own ideas.

Train Distances

If you were developing a database system for train reservations in which the price of a trip were based on distance traveled, you might want to store distances in the database. Write a Python script that uses the Google Maps Distance Matrix API to get distances betwen train stations in France and inserts these distances into a database. Your database design should support the calculation of trip distances between any two train stations in the database for which the train stations are connected by railways.

Verb Usage Analysis

Verbs play a central role in any language, so mastering a language requires mastering its verbs. In addition to conjugations and imperative forms, French has 14 tenses to convey time and mood, making mastery of French verbs a daunting task. Often a learner wants to know which verbs to learn first, and which tenses to learn first. The central idea of this project is to develop a quantitative answer to that question by analyzing French texts and counting the occurences of French verbs so that French verbs can be ranked in order of frequecy of use.

There is a free XML data file containing over 25,000 French verbs called LVF+1 (Les verves français) and various databases of French texts. A challenge of this project will be recognizing conjugations and tenses of verbs in texts.

French Language Trainer

The Écho series of books is designed for French as a foreign language training programs and is used by Alliance Française in the U.S. The A1 level book comes with a DVD that contains MP3 files for all the audio exercises in the book, and a French-English vocabulary is available online.

There are many opportunities for exploiting these data to aid in learning French. One idea is to create a training program that plays an audio file and quizzes the user on comprehension and vocabulary. Such a program would need data structures mapping audio files to quiz questions and to vocbulary.

Google Music Utilities

Google Music API

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Twitter APIs